For thousands of years of human history it was our elders who held the keys of knowledge and wisdom and who were venerated and held in the highest respect.

Modern America has not been kind to our elders in many ways and America has become a predatory land where our elders have become the victims of many types of ELDER ABUSERS.

When we read the newspaper or watch television we think that elder abuse is limited to nursing home neglect, abandonment by children, or flim-flam artists. The problem goes much, much deeper and permeates nearly all levels of our society.

Following are just a few of the many forms of elder abuse:

1. The pharmaceutical industry abuses our elders by pushing far too many drugs on seniors, who oftentimes suffer gravely from the mix of chemicals they ingest on a daily basis at great expense to not only their health but to their life-savings.

2. Far too many lawyers take advantage of the elderly, even to the point of naming themselves beneficiaries of their estates.

3. Unscrupulous insurance salesmen play on the fears of older people, selling them expensive insurance which is virtually worthless or which duplicates what they already have.

4. Predatory preachers fawn upon the elderly in their efforts to suck as much money from them as possible, sometimes even taking the deeds to their homes and then forcing them out.

5. The hospital industry preys upon the elderly by frequently forcing them to endure unnecessary costly and painful procedures which in far too many cases actually precipitates pre-mature death.

6. Greedy investment brokers sell the elderly volatile stocks and other securities which they know could devastate them financially, forcing them to die in poverty.

7. The Federal Government is perhaps the greatest elder abuser of all. Their own government denies our elders access to adequate pain relief medicine to ease their last days on earth yet they will not allow them to pass to the promised land when their time has come and forces them to endure horrible deaths.

Many of these elder abusers call themselves Christians yet fail to acknowledge the commandment of God to “Honor your father and your mother, that your days may be long upon the land which the Lord your God is giving you.” (Exodus 20:12)

Elder abusers seem to forget that in just a matter of years they too will be elderly and become the easy targets of the elder abusers of the next generation.

Wouldn’t it be ironic if:

…the CEO of a major pharmaceutical company which pushed too many expensive medicines to the elderly, died prematurely from having taken too many incompatible pills?

…the lawyer who had stolen from his elderly clients became the victim of his own attorney?

…the insurance salesman had bought one of his own policies only to find out that the disease causing his permanent disability was not covered and he became a ward of the State?

…the predatory preacher hoodwinked just one too many of his parishioners at retirement age and was fired without having ever contributed even one dime to social security?

…the hospital administrator developed Alzheimer’s disease so was unable to protest the dozens of painful procedures and unnecessary tests which his administration had devised as revenue boosters?

…the greedy investment broker became too incapacitated to carefully monitor his investments and the companies he had invested in steadily declined in value to the point that he had to sell his home to pay his medical bills?

The Federal Government official who sent Federal agents to terrorize doctors who were prescribing medical marijuana and other pain killers to ease the suffering of the dying, developed an excruciatingly painful chronic malady and even though he sobbed and begged for medicine to relieve his torture he was told that it was HE who had pushed passage of the law which made his life a living hell on earth. Then after having one leg cut off and then another, he developed stomach, throat and lung cancer which gave him only six months more to live. He cried out to God to deliver him. He begged his physician to help him pass to the Promised Land in a dignified and pain-free way. He begged his children to put him out of his misery but he lived in horrible torment another year and a half hooked up to machines, tubes poking out of every natural orifice of his decaying body. His family could no longer deal with  either his suffering or his screams so never went back to the hospital. They waited patiently at home until the news finally came that he had died. By then his life-savings had been depleted paying for his very intensive and invasive ‘medical care’.


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